7 Years with Beauty Brick

I am amazed to find that I have been going to Beauty Brick for 7 long years already! I tend to be loyal to businesses that deliver excellent service consistently and I am glad that I have found a hair salon that can take care of my hair and not make me break the bank in the process.

For the past 7 years I have had more or less 8 digital perms done in this salon. I even blogged about my 1st digiperm experience with Beauty Brick (You can read about it at: Digital Perm at Beauty Brick) .

In the rare times I finish early or not on duty on a Saturday when I was an Internal Medicine resident, I would visit Beauty Brick and would dose off immediately upon sitting down. It was really embarrassing but the staff never said anything to make me feel more embarrassed than I already am. 🙂 And now that I am not living in Manila anymore, I still schedule a visit when I can.

What: Digital Perm at Beauty Brick Hair Salon

Where: Doña Consolacion Bldg, Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati City

Price: I think about Php3500, 10% discount for previous customers

If you are considering having a digital perm, do consider going to Beauty Brick. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

This is my first digital perm experience way back in 2011! 😃

The red wall now looks like this.
This is after my digital perm. 🙂

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